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Welcome to My Life of Mayhem & Mercy

A Solo Journey

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Years ago "my ride or die" friend jokingly referred to us Mayhem & Mercy.  As 2022 arrived and I took stock of my life and the paths I have walked, I have to believe that I am both Mayhem & Mercy, and that my dear friend was just being kind when she included herself in the tagline.  

I have walked the path of single motherhood for almost two decades.  Sometimes with another but ultimately it has been a solo journey into the depths of how to survive in a world that doesn't always seem welcoming and always seems to have a point to prove.

Remaining positive, strong, optimistic, and engaged is a trial in strength and will power when the edges begin to crumble and the darkness threatens to engulf you whole.

I invite you to walk this path beside me as I, yet again, find my new center and which way is up.

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