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  • Kate Litteken

The Red Candle.....

It's been almost one year since I was here last. My journey to finding me has not stopped but it has had detours and pauses as other demands took hold and attentions shifted.

In the past months I have found a voice. It's a quiet voice that seems to be reserved for particular people and situations but it is my voice. The loud silence still remains but the quiet silence is growing. Hope makes her daily attempts at reminding me that love is not lost just hidden. But the doubt, the uncertainty, the unknown remains intact and still speaks from the shadows to me.

Yesterday, on the last day of 2022, a friend recognized that I needed something. Anything to give a gentle nudge to Hope. That nudge came in the form of a pink quartz stone, a red candle, a letter of intention, and gift to the Universe. Am I devout believer in crystals and candles and intentions? I don't think so. But I do believe in Hope and Belief and Statements. So last night I left the loud silence in the house and sat under the Moon and composed a letter to the Universe full of my intentions and desires and wants. Not my resolutions, but what I want help with creating or removing in my life. I placed my intentions under the red candle with the stone and sat with the Moon while I talked with my friend. After the candle burned itself out I burned my letter, combined the ashes with sage, cinnamon, and red pepper and tossed it into the wind to swirl around my presence.

Do I think it will work? I Hope. Do I believe that the Universe listens? I Hope.

I believe that the act of contemplating what I want, what I need, and then writing them down makes them more real. Almost tangible with a clarity that was missing. And that makes them more attainable. But if I need to burn a candle and sit under the Moon nightly I would do so to keep moving forward and have my intentions come forth.

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